Some of my works regarding illustration or concept art from One thousand and one concept nights challenge that I started in March of 2019, consist in make a daily concept.

My creativity motor

The imagination is something innate in the human being, thanks to it we are adding pieces to our memory and we unite them creating our own image of the world, either making it more beautiful or seeking to understand it.

Curiosity makes us look for those valuable pieces to play with our memory, because it is the force that makes us investigate to discover and form our reality.

Creativity is something that I feel continually, that mixes in perfect harmony the imagination and curiosity, either discovering new worlds or finding new ideas.

My creativity motor

Mi biggest work until now

Thanks to many many hours of work, the support of my colleagues and the request by Sergio Gonzalez of Inmoba Networks I could make my biggest illustration to date, a mural of 10 square meters, architectural, film and geek inspiration. Are you able to find Wally? XD


If you want a manually signed print of my 1001 concept nights challenge now you have the opportunity!

Since 2015 I made designs for t-shirts, for tv-series fans, gamers, computer geeks, or the wear a year series, check it out and choose yours!

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